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Is this the cutest picture EVER or what?!
This is our grandbaby, Ethan... or E-fun, whichever you prefer!

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Britt, Jase & Cupcake

Here's a few pics of my cousin, Brittany, her daughter, Bailey and her boyfriend, Jason...
I snapped these at our family reunion a few weeks ago... enjoy!

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At the park...

Sorry it's been sooooo long since I posted... we've been busy with church events, work and our trip to NYC! I'll be posting more about all of these asap... yeah, asap... that means as soon as possible... not right now! ;-)

I met Jalen and his grandma, Yvonne (which I thought was his MOM because she looks so young!) at the park a few weeks ago... I noticed that she and I have the same kind of camera so we swapped a few tips... she also allowed me to shoot a few pics of this little cutie-pie... he's such a happy baby, and a pleasure to be around! Stay happy Little Man! ;-)



This week...

It's VBS week at BBC! The kiddos are having soooo much fun! I noticed that there have been 44 visitors to my lil ole blog! I'm so excited! I never expected that, I thought it would just be me, Steve and Mama! Y'all keep checking back... I'll post some pics later this week... I've gotta work tomorrow, then VBS tomorrow night, so I have to get to bed! Thanks again so much for checking in... I really appreciate it and can't wait to post new pics for ya! ;-)