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Lessons Learned... and being learned...

Hey, hey, hey!
Ok, so today I went to have lunch with my hubby, get the pool water tested and cleaned out the monsterously dirty SUV... I love it when it's clean, but I sure hate to clean it between the 'dig deep cleaning days'... We just about live out of our car, so it stays piled up with dirt, too many water bottles, baseball equipment...well, just too much STUFF!

Lunch with Steve-o...
We went to Little Paul's BBQ today... they have GREAT TATERS! We had fun together and even had a chance to get to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff... when I took him back to work, I was able to talk to Chris (our friend and Steve's co-worker) about photography and I realized that the time I spend on Digital Photography School, All Things Photography and different folks' blogs (namely Natalie Norton!) has been very much worth it! I didn't realize how much I've learned over the last few weeks, but one thing I did already know was how exciting the subject of photography is!!

The pool water was in better shape than we thought! The bad news is that its still C.O.L.D! It won't be long before we're a splishin' and a splashin'!

Here's a quick pic of Rambo and Commando at ball practice a few days ago... those kiddos are somethin' else! ;-) To be a kid again...
Ok, you photo-greats tell me what you think about this pic... I'm still a newbie, I need the help... no meanies, constructive criticism welcome!

See ya later!


Uncontrollable Laughter

Don't you just LOVE to laugh... uncontrollably!!?!???! Oh, I do... if you know me at all, you know that I laugh at just about everything... even when folks would think I'm crazy or even inconsiderate... I promise you, I'm not inconsiderate, it probably just seems like it to them because they're just way to uptight... ;-)
So today I just have to share someone with you that graduated a year behind me, her dad has been my boss at one of my previous jobs and he's the administrator at my church... so needless to say, we go WAAAAAAAAY back... back to the day of nicknames like "Stuff-enie" and "Kar-an-ta-un"-- silly? yes, so high school, but so us back then-- anyway, you've gotta check out her blogspot. So here's where you get to see our humor... she wrote about her 2yr old being lost on the elevator at their condo and what did I do? I LAUGHED UNCONTROLLABLY!! You've gotta read the blog to find out why... and if you're a Mama or a Granmama, you'll laugh too... Daddies and Grandaddies may be too uptight for this one... consider yourself warned! Check it out here.
See ya next time! Hugs and giggles... KL ;-)


Has it really been that long?!

Oh my goodness!!! It's been a really long time since I've posted! I didn't realize it until I was reading Natalie Norton's latest lesson about blogging on Digital Photography School just a little bit ago and realized how right she is about posting everyday. I soooooo look forward to her new posts, so it made me realize that you's guys might want to hear from me more often! So sorry if you've been checking back and I haven't been here... I'll do better... promise!

Ok, so I took some pics of the boys at their games this weekend... here ya go!
I'm headed out the door in a minute to meet with Doc at church to finish setting up our LIVE feed on the site! We're so excited that we'll be able to furnish this service for members that can't make it to church- like those that may have health problems, etc but also we'll be on the web for those all around the world! We have several guys serving in Iraq and other military bases, now they can be a part of our service each Sunday! The services will also be available for playback, so if someone can't be at church or on the web at 9:15, then they can catch the playback whenever they want! If you can't tell, I'm very excited!

See ya tomorrow!!


Love ya, Daddy!

Well, today was very interesting... my Dad was sent to the hospital after a doc appt on Wed, his heartrate was a WHOPPING 133 and fluctuating down to 80 or so... They kept him overnight and then called at FIVE A.M. to tell him that they were coming down to get him for his procedure... well, FIVE HOURS LATER, they showed up to get him! A nice phone call to say, "Oh, Karen's Daddy, I'm sorry, but we had to put some folks ahead of you, go ahead and go back to sleep and we'll call you in a little while, k?! Ok, buh, buh, nuh." Oh no, they couldn't do that, but thankfully he was put to sleep for the procedure, and when he came back, he was SNORIN' and I mean LOUD! ;-) So you're probably wondering what the procedure was... he had to swallow a camera so they could see if he had a blood clot, which thankfully he didn't, then they shocked his heart back into rhythm, now he has to take Cumadin and shots for a week to thin his blood so it will pump through his heart better... the top part of his heart wasn't working right, so the bottom part was being overworked, causing the rhythm to get off and the pulse rate to skyrocket... He's not feeling very well, but hopefully that will get better really soon...

And being the greatest Papaw & Grannan in the world, they showed up at Trey's practice tonight... talk about dedicated grandparents! ;-)

Get better Daddy, Love you!!


Been a While... and Free Lunch!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted... I figured it would be this way, I only have a million things going on everyday! Well, we've had a lot going on lately... baseball, church, etc... but last week, Steve & I went on the Couples Retreat with our church to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! We had such a terrific time and learned soooo much on how to be a better hubby & wifey... its working!!! We're getting along much better and treating each other the way Jesus would have us to... its great!!
Ok, so Steve & I had FREE lunch today! Steve loves to listen to boring ol' talk radio all the time... but today it paid off! We had "Free Lunch in the Park" today at Big Spring Park in Huntsville... some local radio shows were hosting the event, so there was a TON of folks there... I had my camera, but because Steve had to get back to work so quickly, I wasn't able to take any pics... dog-gone-it... oh well... but I do plan on going back there to take pics of the kiddos when school is out or on a weekend- if we can seem to find a free one! Ok, time to get up from here... Trey's doing his homework and Blake has practice in a little while... see ya tomorrow!

Here's a collage of my kiddos that I put together not too long ago, I just thought I'd share! ;-)