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Happy B'day T-baby!

Some of you may already know that's what I lovingly call my eldest son, Trey... he has many nick-names, even "Trey" is one! I started calling him "T" when he was about 4 or 5 when he was playing T-ball... it has definitely stuck with him! Hardball is one of his favorite movies of all time (I wish it didn't have all that cursing because the story is great), the little boy in there is called G-baby... I guess that's where I picked up the T-baby, along with saying "Come on T, Baby... hit it hard!" when he was up to bat! Anyway, today's post is all about his b'day!!
He's ELEVEN today!!! It's sooooo hard to believe!
There are many stories to tell about him, but probably the best ones come from his aggravation of pronouncing words wrong... like "counch" for couch, "pidget" for pigeon, "Giggilan" for Gilligan's Island, "Chagganooda" for Chattanooga, there are many more, but my all-time favorite is, "swip-swipers" for wind shield wipers! (We still call them that when it rains!)
He has the cutest little look when he's being sneaky... and the funniest dances when he thinks no one is watching... and the biggest heart in the world when someone needs help or is hurting.
I'm tearing up just thinking about how tough this little man is, he just amazes me. When he was 2, his parents split up... when he was 3 his parents married other spouses... when he was 4, he had a little brother (and a step brother & two step sisters) at Mom's and little sister at Dad's... he moved to a new home at 5... he had six surgeries by the time he was 6... and the list goes on to just this past year when he endured the hardest year of school yet, when he had the toughest teacher on the planet and was so relieved to find out that he had passed!!
I'm so proud of how much he's grown and matured over the last eleven years (yes, there's a long way to go, but)... he was saved 2 years ago and with the heart that he has for others, I know he'll impact many people in his lifetime... He's turned out to be a great kid... the Lord said "Train a child up in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it", he will always be one of my "true gifts" from God and even though I know that the teenage years are on their way, Trey has a heart as big as the world and I know he is and is gonna be a Mighty Man of God.

Momma loves you, T-baby! Happy Birthday!!


School time already!?

Wow, this summer has just ZOOOOOOMED by! The kiddos start back to school on Wednesday... and yes, there is a reason that you are sensing a bit of a grin on my face... ;-)
I dearly love my kids, but I'm not one of those moms that says, "Oh, school is already starting back, how I wish the kids had more time at home".... Oh, no, no, no my friend, this is more of what you'll hear coming from my mouth... "THANK YOU JESUS!" (Yes, that's all caps because it's a SHOUT!) I have said many, many times that I could never be a 'homeschool mom', believe me, my kids would hate it and so would I! The ONLY thing we would all love is that we could sleep late! We're social butterflies that LOVE to be around other people, my being at home for 6 years with "baby Blake" was enough! In fact, I'm not the only one that is glad that they're starting back, they are completely STOKED! I was always really glad to start school too, I couldn't sleep well and was really nervous my "First Day of School Outfit", you know what I'm talking about... it has finally hit Trey... up until this year, he hasn't really given a rip what I laid out for him to wear, but yesterday he was with his Dad when he was told I was school shopping and I heard this voice on the other end of the phone that said "Mom, can you please come meet Kristen to get me so I can pick out my own clothes, PLEASE"... I told him that if I picked up something hideous that all he had to do was tell me he didn't like it and we'd take it back, no questions asked... he agreed and all was well... SO, when we got home, I was anxious to show him all his new clothes... we were getting out all the "stuff" in the garage when they pulled up and he was ready to inspect the days finds... all I had to do was pull those shoes out and his eyes lit up and the grin was from ear to ear... all I could hear was "and its headed over the fence, ladies and gentlemen, its a... a... HOME RUN!!!" Oh yea, Mom's still got it... ;-D