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 Keep in mind that pricing may have changed since this was posted in March, 2010... all pricing is subject to change. Please email me to make sure that these prices are still applicable.

-Mini Session-
$75 for an hour of shooting time at 1 location with 1 clothing change. You will have approximately 30-40 images to choose from. (for family, children, teenagers)

-Two-fer Session-
$150 for 2 hours of shooting time at up to 2 (relatively close) locations with 2 clothing changes. You will have approximately 70-80 images to choose from. (for family, children, teenagers)

-Engagement Session-
$225 for 3 hours of shooting time at up to 3 (relatively close) locations with 3 clothing changes. You will have approximately 150 images to choose from.

-Please Note-
Shooting time for all sessions will be measured by the amount of 'usable' photographs taken, so we may use more or less of the time allotment.

Rates begin at $500 for 6 hours, depending on location and shooting time. Please contact me for a quote.

You won't believe all the options you have to choose from! Super small to Ginormous! (Is that a word?! Ok, Humongous!!) Ask about 'regular' sizes and papers like 5x7 and 8x10 but also large canvases!

What does my session fee cover?

The bottom line is that you're paying for my time and talent during your session and post-session work.
We all know the difference between fast-food and sit-down restaurants, right? Well, you can consider me as somewhere in the middle...
Some studios take 20 minutes or less to put you or your kids in their favorite poses, show them to you on a computer screen, and take your order and plenty of your money. Other studios concentrate on taking as much of your money as they can... I'm like baby bears porridge... juuuuust right! I'll provide you with plenty of time to capture wonderful images for you at a very reasonable price for your session and prints!

You'll get:
~Consultation to plan for your session (clothing, location, etc) This consultation can take place in person, on the phone or online... you choose!)
~Time and talent (Sessions may last from 30 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the session you choose.)
~Post production of your images
~Online viewing album

How do I order my prints?

The ordering process couldn't be easier... it's all online! I'll place your photos in a secure album, and you order the ones you want! Easy peas-y, lemon squeezie!

How do I secure my reservation?

Portraits: Session fee is due within 7 days of scheduling your appointment to hold your reservation.
Weddings: Half of the fee is due within 7 days of scheduling your wedding date, the other half is due on or before the day of your wedding.

~All sessions are considered tentative until session fees are collected.
~If two families request the same day and time, the family that requests the date first will be given first right of refusal before the second family is allowed to book the date.
~Prices are subject to change, but once your session is booked, prices will be locked in at the current price

What happens if I need to cancel and rebook my session date?

I understand that other events in our lives can sometimes interfere with your appointment. If the need arises due to sickness, family events, etc, I am more than willing to work with you. I do ask, however, that you provide me with 48 hours notice if possible, so I can make that time slot available to other clients. I do understand that certain emergencies arise when 48 hours notice is not possible, but would kindly ask you to adhere to this time guideline whenever possible.

Should I reschedule my session if my children are sick?

Yes, please!! Children who are sick have difficulty following simple requests and are often too sick to make the session successful. Trying to 'tough it out' will only result in disappointment, as your finished image will likely not be the child you know. Their state of health will show through in your images (the camera doesn't lie!), so I prefer to reschedule a session so you are presented with images that you can truly be proud of!

I read that you're an 'on location' photographer... how far do you travel?

I'll pretty much go anywhere within reason! If I'll be driving, add gas money and hotel costs (if applicable)... If I'll be flying, add airfare, hotel & taxi costs.

Ok, I can tell you one thing I can't stand is 'portrait packages'. I don't like 'package deals' because I find that most people like to mix and match.... Mom wants it all, Grannan wants it all, Aunt Phylliss wants a 5x7 and a wallet and Uncle Darrell just wants a wallet... and there you are trying to make a package 'work'... I don't want to limit you in your choices, nor do I want you to deal with having to get something you don't want. (Yes, those are real people in my family)

Many people choose to get the CD so they can purchase prints at a 'one hour' or 'discount' photo lab... but I have to warn you, you'll "get what you pay for". I use a professional lab that takes photography seriously... they don't let the 'employee of the day' calibrate the machines... they base their colors and papers on professional calibration settings. Every print that I've gotten from them has been simply gorgeous! If something goes wrong or if you're not happy for any reason, just let me know and they'll take care of it!

I know this has been long, but I just want you to know that I absolutely LOVE what I do and want you to be happy with me too! (Ok, that rhymed again... I'm sorry, in all my ramblings about pricing, I forgot to mention that I'm a dork with ADD... one thing's for sure, we'll have fun at your photo session if nothing else!)