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A week in the life...

Hey folks!
Well, this is probably my busiest week EVER! At least it feels like it anyway... we're having BYF Day (that means Bring Your Friend Day) at church this Sunday, and it is B.U.S.Y. around there! We've been doing a lot of construction over the last few months 'cuz we're bumpin' up the coolness factor in the youth & kids areas... well, since we have guests coming this weekend, we've been bustin' it to get our house 'in order' plus we started setting up tables, media and other stuff today to get ready... (hey! even Steve got in on it... on his OFF DAY!) I was so impressed... cha-ching on the brownie points!!
And since it was Daddy's day off, we had lunch at school with the boys and Abby... we took Happy Meals from MickyD's... cha-ching for us! (pun intended) We all had a good time, its so funny to watch the other kiddos when parents come to lunch... they get so excited that "outsiders" came inside with them! ;-)

Ok, bad mama on me... my T-baby celebrated his "first kill" (his words) on Sunday and I still haven't shared it with you... I'll post some pics tomorrow, I'm too tired to walk out to the car to get the camera... I'm tellin' ya, I'm pooped from all that manual labor today!

Here's a few more pics from the library... (they were already in the computer) these were from the Lincoln County Fair a few weeks ago... of course, I forgot to post them... I promise I have good intentions, just a bad mem

BTW, wanna come to BYF with me?!


What'cha think?!

I've tried something new, let me know what you think of this photo and logo...


New Picasa 3!

Google has a photo-editing software that's free, yep FREE, called Picasa... I couldn't say enough about it when I first found it about 2 years ago and now it's even better! I like using it when I don't have much time... you can get it here. The picture at the top of my blog that Blake took was edited using it... really all I did was add the text to that one, but you get the idea... You can retouch a photo (like if you had a spot on your lens, you can take it out!), you can make movies, slideshows, collages, upload directly to your blog or web album, add text & watermarks to your pics, and much much more! (I'm sounding like an infomercial now, so...) I'm just telling ya, it's great... and did I mention FREE?! ;-D



I'm a supa-stahhhhh!
Ok, well, maybe just in my own mind... but seriously, this is so cool! Go here to see the profile that Gary Cosby Jr over at A Little News did on l'il 'ole me and my car reflectors... I'm so excited!! He's a great photographer for The Decatur Daily that also writes for Digital Photography School. His blog is mostly for photojournalists and professionals, but I happened upon one of his DPS posts when I bought the reflectors... you'll see, just jump on over to my "Reader Profile"! Leave me some comments! ;-)


Blake took this!

I'm completely blown away... you know I love photography, but to know that my kiddos are beginning to love it as much as I do is great! I needed a photo of myself for the website and also a reader profile over at A Little News, so I asked the boys to help me out... Trey took the one with me and my car reflectors (read the profile and you'll get it) and of course, Blake wanted to to what his big brother was getting to do... so we strapped the camera around his neck and told him to tell me what to do and he could take the pics... bless their hearts, I'm constantly telling them how to stand, smile, etc... so I figured it was my turn to do what they said for a change! Well, Trey decided that he was done and went to play with his friends, Blake wanted to keep snappin' so I let him! He let it go on continuous and took about 100 pics! I deleted out a few and kept the good ones... I think he did a great job, especially considering he's only SIX!! Well, let me know what you think!! Leave a comment below!
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