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A week in the life...

Hey folks!
Well, this is probably my busiest week EVER! At least it feels like it anyway... we're having BYF Day (that means Bring Your Friend Day) at church this Sunday, and it is B.U.S.Y. around there! We've been doing a lot of construction over the last few months 'cuz we're bumpin' up the coolness factor in the youth & kids areas... well, since we have guests coming this weekend, we've been bustin' it to get our house 'in order' plus we started setting up tables, media and other stuff today to get ready... (hey! even Steve got in on it... on his OFF DAY!) I was so impressed... cha-ching on the brownie points!!
And since it was Daddy's day off, we had lunch at school with the boys and Abby... we took Happy Meals from MickyD's... cha-ching for us! (pun intended) We all had a good time, its so funny to watch the other kiddos when parents come to lunch... they get so excited that "outsiders" came inside with them! ;-)

Ok, bad mama on me... my T-baby celebrated his "first kill" (his words) on Sunday and I still haven't shared it with you... I'll post some pics tomorrow, I'm too tired to walk out to the car to get the camera... I'm tellin' ya, I'm pooped from all that manual labor today!

Here's a few more pics from the library... (they were already in the computer) these were from the Lincoln County Fair a few weeks ago... of course, I forgot to post them... I promise I have good intentions, just a bad mem

BTW, wanna come to BYF with me?!


  1. LOVE the pic of Blake in the swing. I may want that one for a sermon series next year...

    Do you have one like it without anyone else in the shot!

  2. Love your pictures of the kiddo's! Welcome to blogging BTW!
    Come over and visit me..

  3. I love the action shots.. They are kewl!!!!!! :} B looks so cute