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Blake's Nerf Birthday Party...

It's soooo hard to believe that my baby boy is EIGHT YEARS OLD!!! A few weeks before his birthday, we were trying to figure out what kind of party he wanted... if you have kids, you've hosted a birthday party and you know that it's always hard to figure out what to do! Swimming, roller skating, Chuck E Cheese, etc, etc, E.T.C... there are a TON of options! Oh, internet... what to do, what to do?!
Alright... let's back up a minute.... BEEP, BEEP, BEEP... (sound effects... I know, my blog is super fancy.) So, the day that T got his cast, we had another appointment later that afternoon, so we dropped by Kids Space to waste a little time... while there, we saw a bunch of teenagers with Nerf guns... they were there for a birthday party... and if it hadn't been daytime, you could've seen and heard the light bulbs over our heads go "DING!" like a 1981 model microwave! So, a party was born!!

It was absolutely without a doubt, the easiest party ever! Trey's almost 13, Blake is now 8... so that means I've done 21 parties in all... this was THE easiest and a TON of fun!!! All the boys (and one girl!) loved it!!

In the days leading up to the party, I was searching for ideas on what to give as party favors, what to serve, basically what else would the kids 'do'??  Well, turns out there wasn't much information about a Nerf party online... so, that's why I'm writing on my bloggity, blog, blog about it! Who knows, maybe there's a Mommie out there in internet-land that just had a 1981 microwave DING at her and she's looking for information!! (I'm telling you, Internet... soooo fancy.)

So, here ya go...
Everything revolved around the colors, orange and lime green because that happened to be the colors of the Nerf gun that Blake picked out to use on his invitation (see above!)... so check out the cool balloons...

This next photo is chock-full of information...I'm sure you noticed the cupcakes and plates, etc... I'll tell you more about those in a sec... at the 'idea' party, the kids were using different colored bandannas to signify the teams... that was an awesome idea until I started looking at the cost & shipping time of orange and lime bandannas... I looked online and found where I could purchase large lots of them but I didn't need that many... so I took a look at local stores at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, well, I wasn't willing to pay that much AND they only had like 2 in stock of the colors I needed... so, while getting plates, napkins and such at Party City, I found Duck Tape in orange and lime!! So, check out their sleeves...we made 2 teams... it was cheaper and the kids thought it was pretty cool!

Now on to the food...
We decided pizza would be easy and cheap...

Cupcakes... at Wal-Mart, you can get a pack of 10 cupcakes for $5.00, so I requested 1/2 of them to be white cake and 1/2 of them to be chocolate cake... of those, 1/2 had orange icing and the other 1/2 had lime icing! We also mixed up the ice cream and got the little cups... 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate... PERFECT-O!! I bought orange plates, lime napkins... and clear treat bags!

We made a BUNCH of treat bags...

Inside the treat bags... were round lime and orange slice candies plus 2 Nerf bullets.. we then tied the bags with the same ribbon used on the balloons...

BTW, speaking of the balloons... don't buy those little helium tanks unless you don't have a florist that you can get to on the day of your party... at Party City, the tank was going to be $30 to blow up 30 balloons... my local florist blew up 30 balloons for only $10!! No joke.

I looked up rules for Nerf gun, airsoft and paintball wars... but it turns out that we didn't even need them! Their rules were:
1. NO hits to the face.
2. No running over kids that were not with our party.
3. Have fun!

Here are a few pictures from the war...


Even the little bitty boys had a great time!!

Well, I hope I've helped you Internet-land Mommies & Daddies!! You're more than welcome to email me at karenwlong[at]gmail.com if you have any questions!! I didn't provide a link so I don't get spammed...

Happy Birthday Blakers... I love you. ~Mom :-)


  1. This is great Baby!!! I love it.

    I was looking at the pic of T when he got his cast - you should do a before and after pic of him, I can not believe the difference in him in such a short time! Wow!

    I think my favorite pics below was B with the pizza, T with Ethan fixing the gun, and the kid in the tree. Good job on your write up this will help so many parents trying to figure out what to do for their kids. I'm very proud of you Baby - you always do a great job!

    Love ya

  2. Thanks for the nerf perty review! I must be that mommy in blogland that you were talking about. :o) My son's 9th birthday party is coming up, and I'll give anything not to have to revisit a party theme. After 4 years of Thomas the Tank Engine parties, I made a command decision: No Do-Overs.

    This party looks like a ton of fun, easy, and definitely affordable! With three kids, I can't fork out hundreds for each party.

    (Army wife & mom of 3, currently stationed in Poland.)

  3. I was wondering how did you make the treat in the goody bag ?? They look just like the darts ?

  4. This is going to be the perfect park party! I am so excited that I found your blog! Thank you for helping us out here in internet land that just had the microwave ding go off!!! From an Aunt that will not be re-inventing the wheel for some awesome nephews!