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Open for business...

hi everybody!

it's April Fool's Day Eve, and i've finally opened a blog-spot. i didn't really think that anybody would be interested in what i'm doing... or not doing... but then i thought, HEY, it doesn't matter if folks read my blog or not, it can be like a dear diary or something that my gorgeous kids can look at when i'm gone and remember their momma... i hope you enjoy reading my blog and hopefully it will make you smile... which is really my goal everyday!so, here goes...

a little about me and my fam:
my hubby's name is Steve, we've been married 8 years... blended between us, we have a quite the family... 5 kids- 3 sons & 2 daughters, 3 grandkids- all boys!, a doghter & 2 grand-doghters. I really want to take a family pic this year... I'll post it when we get it done! hopefully we can get it done before Blake starts to lose his teefies.

well, i'll be back later... trey and blake have baseball practice tonight, so i've gotta get some yummies in their tummies... quick! (if they eat too close to practice time, they'll toss their cookies all over the field-ies)

c-ya's! KL ;-)

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