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Been a While... and Free Lunch!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted... I figured it would be this way, I only have a million things going on everyday! Well, we've had a lot going on lately... baseball, church, etc... but last week, Steve & I went on the Couples Retreat with our church to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! We had such a terrific time and learned soooo much on how to be a better hubby & wifey... its working!!! We're getting along much better and treating each other the way Jesus would have us to... its great!!
Ok, so Steve & I had FREE lunch today! Steve loves to listen to boring ol' talk radio all the time... but today it paid off! We had "Free Lunch in the Park" today at Big Spring Park in Huntsville... some local radio shows were hosting the event, so there was a TON of folks there... I had my camera, but because Steve had to get back to work so quickly, I wasn't able to take any pics... dog-gone-it... oh well... but I do plan on going back there to take pics of the kiddos when school is out or on a weekend- if we can seem to find a free one! Ok, time to get up from here... Trey's doing his homework and Blake has practice in a little while... see ya tomorrow!

Here's a collage of my kiddos that I put together not too long ago, I just thought I'd share! ;-)

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