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Summer's here!!

Well, its officially summer! The kids are out of school and the "Mama can we" questions are in full swing! Since starting work at BBC, things have changed a bit... I'll work 3days during the summer, so they'll stay with Memaw, my neighbor Lisa and Aunt Christine. They got up pretty good today, but I don't know how long that will last!
Blake graduated Kindergarten on Monday... it was the cutest thing watching all those 3ft boys and girls wearing caps and gowns... just adorable! We got his graduation pictures back from school yesterday and they look great! I'll post it tomorrow, I'm too lazy to walk out to my car to get it!
Trey passed to 5th grade!!! We are ALL soooo glad that his 4th grade year is over! We're praying that 5th will be better... he struggled so much with staying on track and dealing with his and his teacher's personality clashes... Trey is VERY laid back, to say the least and his teacher is VERY not. I'm telling you, its been like trying to pull Trey through day old mud every step of the way... he'll change classes next year, so maybe it will help that his environment will change several times throughout the day... if it's another year like this one, y'all will have to come pick up all my hair and try to plug it back into socket!
I don't know if you've noticed or not, but not much gets written about Steve... it's probably because his daily doings are very predictable: get up, make coffee, computer, shower, computer, get dressed, computer, tell everybody bye (including Missy), drive to work, work, take lunch at around 10:30 (yes, I typed it right and you read it right), get back to work, get a snack, work, drive home, go potty, change clothes, we'll call this eBay time- he could be found on the computer, packing or unpacking an item, taking pictures and posting items, etc...then he may watch some tv, and then goes to bed. That pretty much sums up most of his days... there is the occasional change, but he needs to know about 3 weeks in advance. ;-) If his schedule changes, I'll let you know. HA! ;-)

Well, have a great day! Lunchtime is over...

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