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Happy B'day Lil B!

Hi everyone!
Wow, have we been B.U.S.Y! I'm telling you what, my life has been CRAZY lately... but the cool thing is that it has been such a great busy... I just thought I'd update a couple of things today... I can't even remember all the things that has kept us busy, but there's no way I can forget Blake's Birthday this past weekend! His birthday was Friday, the Fourth of July... and yes, he's definitely a firecracker... he got some great gifts, but of course the best in his opinion was the money! ;-) I think the 2nd runner up is Guitar Hero... Trey was pretty excited about that too!
Lil B, I'm so glad you had a great birthday and party! Those little men are growing up so fast...
Pictures will come soon, I haven't had time to download them!

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