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Slowly but surely!

Well, I'm beginning to see why I didn't do so well in my scrapbooking endeavors... its very few and far between that I get a chance to sit down and do anything for a long (or short for that matter) period of time; whenever I do, I'm watching a little tv with the kiddos or its with my nemesis: the laundry. My cutie-patoodies can definitely attest to the fact that I HATE LAUNDRY! I don't mind the washing and drying, its the folding and putting up that I can't stand... I was watching Jon & Kate+8 tonite for a little while and I heard her say the same thing... that's when it really hit me. "I only have 2 kids and I hate laundry... she must REALLY hate laundry to the 10th power!" I did learn that she has some really great neighbors that help her on Thursdays to fold and put up, which I think is just FABULOUS! What a terrific idea! The only thing is that I don't think my neighbors will have as much pity on me... yeah, I can count on that. Anyway... its been a while since I've 'talked' to you, so I thought I'd post a little sumthin' sumthin'!

I've taken some great photos lately, some of my cuz'ins and the boys at the beach that I haven't taken the time to work on yet because of everything making me busy as a bee... you know, I remember being busy when I worked at the Courthouse and Bob Wallace, but it just wasn't like this... I don't think... maybe that's because back then I only had Trey?? I dunno, I guess life happens when you least expect it, huh? I'm learnin' everyday...

Something I'm loving is working, though. The only thing I don't like is... well, two things... I don't like getting up early during the summer, but more than that, I don't like having to take my kids to babysitters. BUT, thankfully, my Thurs & Fri's are VERY flexible during the summer, that makes it MUCH easier to 'cope'. Believe me, because of the first reason I really look forward to Thursdays now!

Ok, so I've GOT to learn how to use my new Photoshop Elements 6... I think I'll love it, but I'm so accustomed to using Picasa that I'm hitting walls... not that its too complicated, its just that I hate to read owners manuals and it seems that I'm gonna have to or teach myself over a very long time... anyway, Britt, I'm gettin' there, I promise Bailey will still be 3 when I get those pics to you!!

Well, I've gotta go... I was writing all of this while waiting for some files to write to my external drive and its done! Now my darling little laptop won't go crazy on me! ;-)

Y'all have a great Thursday, I know I will!! ;-D
Karen :-)

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