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New Picasa 3!

Google has a photo-editing software that's free, yep FREE, called Picasa... I couldn't say enough about it when I first found it about 2 years ago and now it's even better! I like using it when I don't have much time... you can get it here. The picture at the top of my blog that Blake took was edited using it... really all I did was add the text to that one, but you get the idea... You can retouch a photo (like if you had a spot on your lens, you can take it out!), you can make movies, slideshows, collages, upload directly to your blog or web album, add text & watermarks to your pics, and much much more! (I'm sounding like an infomercial now, so...) I'm just telling ya, it's great... and did I mention FREE?! ;-D


  1. thanks for this site..getting it now!

  2. It may be free, but did you read the EULA that comes with it? It pretty much states that google has full control and license to use any or all of your content as it sees fit. Not something I want to take a chance on.