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I'm a supa-stahhhhh!
Ok, well, maybe just in my own mind... but seriously, this is so cool! Go here to see the profile that Gary Cosby Jr over at A Little News did on l'il 'ole me and my car reflectors... I'm so excited!! He's a great photographer for The Decatur Daily that also writes for Digital Photography School. His blog is mostly for photojournalists and professionals, but I happened upon one of his DPS posts when I bought the reflectors... you'll see, just jump on over to my "Reader Profile"! Leave me some comments! ;-)


  1. Karen... thats awesome! You ARE super star. Will you start photographing the bad ballpark fashions FOR me.... bring your reflectors. haha

  2. Hi Karen,
    I found you through the link on Gary Cosby's site. Like you, I am just learning photography, and I enjoy and learn a lot from Gary's site. Your photos are terrific, and it's so great that your kids are getting into the act, too. If you have a minute, please come visit me at