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Oh, How He Loves Us...

So, it's definitely been a while since I've posted... its been SUPER BUSY lately, of course, I say that everytime it's been a while... but seriously, I know your house is probably the same this time of year!
I guess you're wondering why I'd post at 12:50AM when I have to get up and get kids to school and me to work tomorrow... and here's why... it started out as just 'wandering around' my email, which took me to my Facebook, which took me to Santa-ing myself, which took me to wonder why this won't let me send it to anyone right now?... which took me to wonder what Heather Bookout has on her photography site?, which took me to her blog instead, which took me to this video...

funny how the Lord worked this one out, huh? Keep in mind, I haven't wondered about HB's photography in a long time, but I saw one of her ads on my kitchen table this afternoon before leaving for a Christmas party, it musta been stuck up there in my 'check out this site' brain-file... and to be honest, this is nothing like what I expected... I just thought her blog would be about her recent photog adventures and that's it, but God knew exactly what she had posted there back in JULY, and HE knew that I would keep looking at her blog as if I were looking for some photography tip to jump out at me... the thing is I have a hard time sometimes picking up the Bible instead of my favorite photog magazine... yes, I still pick up the Bible and I read it, but it seems so much easier to read that magazine because well, I love photography and learn something new on every page... the thing is, God wants me to be more interested in Him than I am in photography(or anything else!) and sometimes HE has to remind me by jumping off the page at me... well, that's exactly what happened tonight.

I don't know what your hobbies, businesses, busy-ness-es, obsessions, addictions, etc are, but I know mine and I know that God sometimes has to stop me in my tracks to turn me around and make me realize that I didn't stop to take time with Him today... it's easy to do, we have so much to do and so many places to go and so many people to see, but don't fail to realize that being in His presence and seeing Him and doing His work is the most important thing we can do on any day of the week... not just Sunday.

Father, I am so sorry for not taking the time to be in Your presence today. Thank you for using my hobby to remind me....thank you for Your Love, Your Grace, Your Hope, Your Guidance and Your Holiness.

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