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Basketball season is finally done!

Ok, I love my kiddos and they love their sports... and boy, it seems like this year's basketball season has lasted FOREVER! It was really the same as last year, so I guess we were just busier this year or something... I took a TON of pictures (did you doubt that I would?) I'm trying to get them uploaded to my online gallery for folks to see, but for some reason I can't get that blasted thing to cooperate with me... which is really why I came over to my little blogity-blog... I haven't posted anything since DEC 22ND!! It's really hard for me to think of something to say 'cuz I'm just one of those girls that 'lives in the moment'... by the time I get to where I can write, I've forgotten what happened that day or get busy doing something else (cough-facebook-cough)... Facebook has become pretty fun for me, I don't get into all those little game-things, but I really like being able to 'stalk from a distance' :-) Seriously, its great to keep up with my friends (new and old) without having to sit down for hours to catch up and forget half of the things I was going to tell her!!! The only thing is that I've gotta get better at keeping MYSELF updated! Much like here, I like to check on other folks, but not keep my own updated! Well, with this little post, I got a two-fer... once I click 'publish post', it goes on Blogger AND Facebook!! Woo Hoo!!! Once again, I'm multi-tasking!
Here are a few of those basketball pics I was talking about:

Let me know what you think about the pics!! Hugs, KL B-)

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