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25 Random Things About Me...

25 Random Things About Me...
Ok, I got this from a friend of mine from High School... I thought it was pretty cool, mostly because there were things on her list that I didn't know about her, even though I've known her for what seems like forever! So, I thought, Hmmm... maybe there's some stuff about me that I take for granted that everybody knows and just maybe they don't! So here ya go... sorry if you didn't really want to know, and if not... well, stop reading! :-)

1. I am a Daughter of the Most High King... therefore, a Princess!
2. I have a great husband, that's 15 years older than me!
3. I am a Mommy of 2 wonderful, growing, talented, sweet, competitive, sport-loving, smart, sneaky boys
4. I am a Step-mom of 2 beautiful girls and one handsome boy... the oldest is only 6 years younger than me, so maybe I should say young ladies and young man
5. I am a Step-Mother-in-law to one beautiful step-daughter-in-law
6. I am a Mimi to 4 terrific grandkids... 3 boys, 1 girl...
7. My doggie that I've had for 5 years and I loved more than any other animal I've ever had died 2 weeks ago.
8. I love to worship God... singing, dancing, whatever... just PRAISE!
9. I love photography, just wish I had more time to do it and learn more!
10. I love heights...the higher the better... being on the Empire State Building observation deck was AWESOME!
11. I have to sign my kids in at school way too much.
13. I don't watch the news much because I think the media stirs the pot too much: economy, etc
14. I'm not a fan of the rain... I know we need it, but I still don't like getting wet in good clothes/shoes.
15. I love to laugh. If you know me at ALL, you already knew that.
16. I want to be a size 10.
17. I am a procrastinator... but thankfully I work well under pressure!
18. I was saved on September 14, 1993.
19. I think this is making me think too much.
20. I am an only child... yeah, I know SPOILED ROTTEN.
21. I love my job.
22. I love Mexican food!
23. I miss Team Hearn, mostly Tiff
24. I can't wait to go on our Cruise to the Bahamas in October!!
25. I was totally at a loss when I wanted to make the last one the best. Oh well, sorry.

I started this blog as a 'digital journal' of sorts for my kids... When they're all grown up they can look back and read this and say, "Yep, she was actually as goofy as I remember." Love ya T-baby and Spunkadoo... KL ;-)

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