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I love Picnik'in!!

(((Been a while, huh??? Well, if you're missing me, it's cuz you're not on Facebook!!! I am loving that site!!!)))
You're probably wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD I'm talking about when I say ""I love Picnik'in!!""... well, I'm so glad you asked! My friend, Amy, told me about a FREE (yes, FREE) photo editing site named Picnik... You can upgrade to the 'ad-less', bigger workspaced, Premium version for only $24.95, like I did, but you have a BUNCH of options available on the Free version!
If you've edited any pics or gone farther in photography than just taking pics of your kids and pets, you've heard of Photoshop... I have tried to take time to learn it, but to little avail. I have learned a few things, but only a few because I learn by doing, not reading a book... I definitely do not have a 'technical mind' so I thought, "Why not! I'll try Picnik!" (Ok, so it wasn't that dramatic.) So I tried it... and I LOVE IT! Before taking the full dive, I Googled some reviews... I found one review that really stuck out... Pam said something like 'I have Photoshop CS2 on my desktop and everytime I open it, I look at it, then close it'... I'm pretty much the same way, so I contacted her... come to find out, she's a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in Okinowa, JAPAN!!!! Her photos are truly amazing...
I have Photoshop Elements 6, which is much easier to use than CS2/3/4, but still aggravating with all the layer stuff and 'technical mess'... I love photography because I can be creative and capture moments in time that would have passed and been forgotten, but because I had the guts to snap the button when no one else would, I have captured a memory that now can never be completely forgotten. With so much going into an image, whether its a pretty landscape or a gorgeous baby or a beaming bride, I don't want to spend my precious time trying to figure out what layer I should put in or whatever... so I find my self clicking open Picnik 100% more than I click open the Photoshop...
Will die-hard, pro photographers gasp at the thought? Of course!
Will people like me love the ease and fun of Picnik? YES, YES, YES!
Will I eventually learn Photoshop? I dunno... I may try, but for now, Picnik is my obsession!

You're probably wondering why I posted about Picnik instead of something grand going on in my crazy life... well, it's cuz right now, my boys aren't currently playing a sport and it's cold outside... Needless to say, I'm not getting out much... that is, not past going to church and work (which is one in the same) Mom's house, Wal Mart or some other warm spots around Hazel Green... I can't wait for SPRING to get here so I'll want to go outside!!

Ok, so tell me what you think of this... of course it was edited on Picnik!
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