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Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy...

Yeah, I know, I spelled it wrong... but that's where being the owner of this blog comes in handy! :-D So, I'm just wondering... does it seem like you're staying bizzy all the time?! I can't seem to slow down!!! We're either at the ball park, church or work ALL.THE.TIME. My house looks like a tornado hit it... messy and laundry needs to be folded and put up... and I just stare at it like it's gonna clean itself. (Boy, what I would pay for a self-cleaning house!)
So tell me, is it just me? I have a list of things I'd LOVE to do, but I can't seem to stay home long enough to do them!!
I love my life, though... maybe being this bizzy has something to do with a fun heart!
Love til next time... whenever that is!!

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