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I heart Jasmine Star & Natalie Norton.

If you love great photography, you'll heart them too...
I first heard about Jasmine on Natalie's blog, I first heard about Natalie on DPS. I've been following both of them ever since... cuz they are FABAULUS (yes, fab-a-U-lus) photographers and FANTASTIC women... they are doing what I want to do... but ya wanna know what blows my mind??!! These two girls have been in the photography biz for about two years... do you hear me?!! TWO YEARS!! So that gives me GREAT encouragement... I got my first DSLR a little over a year ago, which ignited a fire that can't be put out! I've always loved taking pictures, but photography is a whole different ballgame. There's so much to it, but yet after you take some time to 'play' or experiment, you'll catch right on and you won't want to stop!

Yesterday, I was thinking how much I love photography and would love to be able to go 'full time', but I'm just not 'there' yet... I can't wait for the day though!! And I think God likes to laugh at me... yesterday he sent 3 people my way to ask me about photographing their children! (little kids to a wedding!) He blows my mind too...

And now, back to J & N... take a look at their sites, you'll see what I mean.
Not to mention, they're beautiful too... of course they are.

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