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A day in the life...

Hey everybody... I know you must feel so neglected. I really hate that I don't blog as much as I want to, but it's so hard to take a minute and just type about the daily happenings of lil ole me... really, I can nut-shell it for ya... get up (late), fix lunches, bolt out the door (late), get Trey to school, get Blake to school and go upstairs to work... work a little, play a little, get Blake (late), pick up Trey (late), * or go home (*insert random errand here), straighten the house, take the boys to practice (for whichever sport they happen to be playing at the time), sit at practice, go home, get boys into bed, check my email and facebook, go to bed.

And that's about it... I would say boring, but no, no, no my friend... never a dull moment with me. (if you are around me for any amount of time, you will find out that I have a very infectious laugh... as I'm told quite often!) Not only that, but with two boys, it's crazy more often than its sane... ask any mom of boys, they'll tell ya that I'm shootin' it straight. This is not meant to belittle other mommas, yet it is to let you know that it takes some-kind-of-momma to be a mom of only boys... some-kind meaning a half crazy one.

So as you can see, a day in the life of me is not boring, per se, but it is pretty mundane.... mostly the same ole, same ole. BUT THEN... there's a day like today when I decide that I'll cook my homemade-made-up-by-me soup and I decide to get the boys hair cut... don't worry, nothing catastrophic happened, everybody liked the soup and the boys hair looks great! Hey, even SUPER picky-eater-children's-pastor, Justin ate a whole bowl of soup!! He doesn't like soup, tomatoes or vegetables, so this is a huge win in my favor... especially considering that it was especially hard for him to pick around all the veggies in the tomato based "Italian soup"... ((let me know if you want the recipe!)) So I guess you may be wondering why I said, "BUT THEN... there's a day like today when...". And so, the rest of the story...

I took the boys to get their hair cut at a local salon... she did a great job, but her 4 year old grand-son was there and to say he was a hand-ful would be like telling you that Katrina was a small storm that got a few houses wet. Ok, usually I'm the one mad as fire at my kids for cutting up and not listening... but this time, my kiddos looked like angels, I mean trumpet-toting, halo-wearing angels!! At one point, I made Blake sit on my lap because even though he wasn't doing anything that was 'bad', but just him being able to walk around was feeding this kid's rambunctocity (yes, I am aware that I just added a word to the dictionary) to levels that no one on earth could possibly measure. I know my kids are rambunctious boys and many times they go overboard... waaaaaay overboard, but this kid asked me "Why can't he get up?" and I said, "Because you two are being very wild and I told him he has to sit in my lap so y'all will settle down." Pretty straight-forward, right?! And then it happened... the next few things from his mouth B.U.R.N.E.D M.E. U.P... I mean, I could feel my blood pressure rising and my face had to be flaming with fire! He said, "If he can't get up and play with me, I'm NOT going to be nice!" I said, "He has to sit down because I'm his Mommie and I said he has to, and you need to listen to your Mommie too." (She was washing a lady's hair, within earshot, but I don't know how much she actually heard... she had gotten on to him several times, but with very obvious meaningless threats) THEN HE SAID TO ME, "Just go home, go home, go home, just go home." ((My face is getting flush just thinking about it!!)) I was sitting down, so I leaned closer to him and said, "_his name here_, that is enough, you WILL NOT talk to me that way, do you understand me? And you better go over there to your Mommie. Now." (Yep... read it just like you know how I said it... I was BOILING!!!) I don't know if said Mommie overheard what I told him or not, but the next thing I knew, she was taking him to the back room (for the ump-teenth time during our visit)and I overheard her say, "___name____, you better listen, you don't want your grandmother to come over here, you know what you'll get." WHAT?!!?!!!???!!! Excuse me here, but again, my blood pressure rises because I'm thinking "grandmother?????, seriously?!" COME ON MOMMIE!!!! What in the world are you doing?! I know all of this was bothering the lady that was getting her hair washed, she had already asked me if "all of those were my babies"... I was quick to show her my kids and disclaim __name__... Bless her heart, I know her nerves had to be shot! I know mine were!!

So tell me about your latest 'experience', was it as fun as mine??!!

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