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Wednesday nights are soooooo much fun!!!! We're practicing for our Christmas production and it's sooooo gooooood!!It's called "Rejoice, a Soulful Celebration of Christmas". It.is.great! But wait! There's more!! But I just can't tell you right now... so sorry... if you go to BBC, you'll find out soon!! You want a hint? Nope! But you'll like it, we're sure!! :-)

The Christmas production is on Dec 6th at 9:15 and 10:45... then the BBC choir will be caroling to our shut-in members on Dec 13th at 5pm, (we will do some traditional Christmas songs, so everyone's welcome!!) Then on the 20th, we're going to carol at Bridge Street! YES!! Bridge Street! How cool is that?! We've never done anything like that before, so we're super pumped!! :-)

Listen to this song, it's so pretty!!

And because a post is always better with a picture... here ya go!

Ain't they so cute?! :-)

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