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Alan & Becca | Engagement Session | Hazel Green Wedding Photographer

He's from the tippy top of Alabama... She's from L.A. (No, silly... not Los Angeles, Lower Alabama!) I bet you want to know how they met, huh?? He decided that the University of Mobile was the school for him... little did he know that he would meet the girl of his dreams in the place that would make him so homesick!

He served at a local church as the youth pastor... but she was off limits... for real. He was given a few rules and one of them was "No dating any of the girls in the youth group." Really a great rule considering he was barely a twenty-something, handsome, funny, outgoing guy! He followed the rules.... but then he came back home and all he could do was think about "her"... They've shared a long distance relationship ever since!

After a few months, he decided that he can't live without her... it was time to pop the question... he couldn't stop thinking about it! At first he thought he'd propose at Christmas, but he couldn't wait that long! He ordered the ring, and started planning... a friend helped him get everything into place... he took her for a walk, the same path they'd walked many times before, but something was different this time... someone had made a rose petal walk-way to a table that held a Bible, roses and an iPod with speakers... ---I hope I'm remembering the words somewhere close to what was actually said--- he said, "Look Becca, someone's going to pop the question!"... she said, "We can't be here, it's beautiful, we can't mess it up!", then he picked up the Bible and showed her that it was opened to Proverbs 31, so he started reading it to her... she almost had a heart attack thinking that he was messing up someone's carefully planned 'question popping station'... then she heard "their song" and realized that the question popping station was set up just for her. She said yes, just in case you're wondering...

I love this shot... as long as I 'shoot' couples I'll suggest this pose!

This is definitely one of my favorites!!!

Isn't this one adorable?!


Check out their slideshow... set to 'their song'! :-)

Congratulations Becca & Alan!! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in November!! Love y'all!!!

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