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Hi everybody!
Oh I know, I know... it's been FOREVER!!!! And it's been eating at me that I haven't paid you any attention what.so.ever. There have been many times that I've visited my own blog and thought, 'wow, that girl needs to update her blog...' yea, I talk to myself like that... don't hate.

So here goes... blog posts are always better with pictures, so I thought I'd just SHOW you a few of the things I've been doing since I glanced over at you last... it's really been like an elementary school relationship, huh? 'I only know you on the playground when my friends are around'... I'm really sorry, but thanks for always getting on the merry-go-round with me anyway. :-)

So, there was Steve's 48th birthday, Jamarri's 7th birthday and Braden's 2nd birthday...

(it was a spa gift card!)

Jamarri was so excited about all of his gifts!

Braden had a ton of fun opening his presents all by himself!

And oh the basketball games... wow did that taken up a LOT of time!! But it was so great... the boys love basketball, especially Blake... as you may have come to know, Blake has a LOT of energy, and I mean a LOT of energy... he's very aggressive and fouled out of a bunch of games! Trey's a great 'bottom guy', he can box out and "put a butt on 'em" to get those rebounds and back up for his 'signature shot'!

He made it!!

This kid is over 6' tall... seriously. He wears a size 13 shoe!

Then came Thanksgiving...

Anna Kate decided she was hungry...

Then Christmas!

However, this was no ordinary Christmas! Gilly came to visit again! "Who's Gilly?", you ask? Well, he's our mischievous little Elf that visits every Christmas!! He gets into trouble, but thankfully, it's the kids' job to clean up!! If they don't do it themselves, then Santa comes to pick up Gilly the next night. Yep, that fast! Santa don't play.

Before Gilly went back with Santa, he left the boys a little message... out of marshmallows. Then Beau (our doggie) ate the message and had a tummy ache. Not pretty.

Awwww!! Look at my sweet new pajama'd boys!!
But this is the real truth!!

The BBC Choir went caroling to shut-in's and then to Bridge Street in Huntsville! Sooo much fun!!

I had a few photo sessions for children, engagements, and my first wedding in December too! (Well, not my first wedding... it was Amy & Josh's wedding, just my first wedding to shoot!!!)

Amy & Josh are such a darling couple!! They are very grounded in their faith in the Lord and share a precious love for each other. There's always something that happens (or in this case doesn't happen) at every wedding that isn't planned... at Amy & Josh's wedding, it was the kiss... yeah, the KISS!! You got it... Pastor Lon forgot to tell them to KISS!!! Josh & Amy knew it, and did a little 'half-peck' but some of us didn't realize it until it was time to go to the reception!

I heard someone mention something about the kiss and I looked back through my images and thought, "What?! I didn't get the kiss?! Have I lost my mind?! Why didn't I get the kiss?!" I was seriously about to have a heart-attack... I really thought I had missed it!! Then Josh told Pastor Lon that he didn't tell them to kiss... WHEW! I was really freaking out! but then Pastor Lon had some 'splainin' to do!! He announced them at the reception and made up for his little boo-boo...

Here's a few shots from those photo shoots:

These are the adorable Burke children... aren't they sooooo cute?!

Here's a quick pic of how much 'energy' little Mr. Burke had... yes, I chased him... a LOT! :-)
And these two were so much fun!! Their grandmother wanted some photos of them in their jammies at Christmas... they thought I was crazy when I laid on the floor to get some cool angles! :-)

And then Kristen & Andrew!!! We had SOOOOO much fun shooting their engagement session!
Poor Andrew was so hungry! They used 3 outfits and 3 locations and he was about to pass out!
He was a trooper, even though he was starving, he didn't mind the 5 hour make-out session!

AND, because K&A were such fantabulous models, I submitted a few of their photos to CreativeMYK, a Christian website that helps graphic designers and photographers alike... we share images and clipart to make our presentations and advertisements really fabulous! Here are the ones they accepted!

I did a little traveling in January!!

First I went to Lewisburg, TN to the 5th annual Grove ladies retreat with my step-daughter-in-law and daughter! It was a wonderful weekend, filled with worship and learning more about God's grace and mercy...

My other trip was to Stone Mountain, GA with a bunch of pre-teens from BBC and Flint River to the SuperStart Conference! This trip was for 4th-6th graders ONLY! Katy bar the door!! No little kids allowed!
While there, we learned about doing Good Works for God... we heard about some amazing kids that are doing some amazing things for an amazing God!!

Not to brag or anything... ok, well maybe I am... but I was #2 of #26 on my first time to ever play Laser tag!!
This is one of the cool pix I got in the laser tag place!
This just proves you can get cool pix just about anywhere! :-)

Fast forward to this month:

Daddy turned 60!! He thought we were just taking him out for his birthday,
but much to his surprise, some of his brothers and sisters (and their spouses) were at the party!

This is only 1 of 2 photos I have of me, my Mom and my Memaw!
(Yep, they're so cool... they totally rock Facebook!)

Ok, so I did a little more traveling...
My latest trip was to Nashville for the Sandy Puc Tour last week! I. LOVED. IT!! I would love to be able to attend more photography workshops... maybe when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house. (**This is a shameless plug for Hubby, Mommy and Daddy to take note of!**)

I really did learn alot and was VERY inspired to give back by using my camera... I never really thought about it, but I can stop time....... think about that for a second. Your camera stops time... you can remember that moment forever!! I'm trying to figure out exactly what to do, but it will definitely have something to do with Relay for Life coming up in May. If you have an idea, please let me know, I'd love to hear your ideas!! One thing I've thought about is having a drawing for a FREE photo session! I'm thinking each entry could be a dollar or two, or maybe do a strip of tickets for a certain amount, then draw for the winner on the night of Relay... hmmm... idk, tell me what you think! Another of my fabulous ideas is to do a photo session for our local Survivors... now my wheels are really turning!! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!

This is Ms Brenda Baeder, she is one of our BBC Believers leaders...
we did this photo for an article that will appear in the Hsv Times in the next month or so...

To quote my friend Sharon McClure, "I don't think I can take much more of this Global Warming!" I'm with you, Sharon!! :-) Snow, Snow, go away, come again some other day!

So there ya go... I FINALLY posted something! I guess this one is long enough to last me another 6 months! :-) Just kiddin', I'm really gonna try harder... :-)

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