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Aw Geez...

Well, instead of sitting in Gatlinburg, TN on the BBC Couple's Retreat, I'm still sitting right here in Lickskillet, AL. I wish I could say it was because of some 'cool' reason, but no.

Yesterday afternoon Blake gets back to the church from Chuck E Cheese and he says "Mommie, my tummy hurts." When he didn't want to go to his first baseball practice of the new season I knew he was serious. I made a quick call to his coach to let him know that we weren't going to make it and headed home... by this time, he was starting to run a fever and his throat was bothering him too...

The night lasted much longer for him than it did for me... he was in bed and asleep by 6pm, that's not a typo... 6pm. His temp was 102.4 and climbing so I quickly got him some meds and prayed that he'd get better... quick!

Well, needless to say, today did not go as planned. We took off to the doctor's office this morning and (...btw, props to Physicians Medical Walk In Fayetteville!! They were AWESOME! We got there at 9:03 and had a prescription in our hand and walking out the door by 9:45!...) he has strep... with tonsils the size of watermelons, it's hard to miss... but the folks at PM were great... very small wait time and ready to help! We'll definitely visit them again, but I hope not any time soon!!

After picking up the meds, we headed home... the boys stayed there while I headed to work to finish up some stuff that has to be done for Sunday... I was there longer than I wanted, but I got everything done that 'had' to be done... the rest will just have to wait!

Well, we have hopes of leaving in the morning-- after 10am-- to head up to Gatlinburg, but with Dad having bronchitis and the shingles, we'll have to just play it by ear. Geez...

Just cuz I know posts with pictures are better... here ya go... it's a random pic of my sick little baby boy. He'll be up-n-at-'em again real soon!!

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