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Love ya, Daddy!

Well, today was very interesting... my Dad was sent to the hospital after a doc appt on Wed, his heartrate was a WHOPPING 133 and fluctuating down to 80 or so... They kept him overnight and then called at FIVE A.M. to tell him that they were coming down to get him for his procedure... well, FIVE HOURS LATER, they showed up to get him! A nice phone call to say, "Oh, Karen's Daddy, I'm sorry, but we had to put some folks ahead of you, go ahead and go back to sleep and we'll call you in a little while, k?! Ok, buh, buh, nuh." Oh no, they couldn't do that, but thankfully he was put to sleep for the procedure, and when he came back, he was SNORIN' and I mean LOUD! ;-) So you're probably wondering what the procedure was... he had to swallow a camera so they could see if he had a blood clot, which thankfully he didn't, then they shocked his heart back into rhythm, now he has to take Cumadin and shots for a week to thin his blood so it will pump through his heart better... the top part of his heart wasn't working right, so the bottom part was being overworked, causing the rhythm to get off and the pulse rate to skyrocket... He's not feeling very well, but hopefully that will get better really soon...

And being the greatest Papaw & Grannan in the world, they showed up at Trey's practice tonight... talk about dedicated grandparents! ;-)

Get better Daddy, Love you!!

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