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Lessons Learned... and being learned...

Hey, hey, hey!
Ok, so today I went to have lunch with my hubby, get the pool water tested and cleaned out the monsterously dirty SUV... I love it when it's clean, but I sure hate to clean it between the 'dig deep cleaning days'... We just about live out of our car, so it stays piled up with dirt, too many water bottles, baseball equipment...well, just too much STUFF!

Lunch with Steve-o...
We went to Little Paul's BBQ today... they have GREAT TATERS! We had fun together and even had a chance to get to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff... when I took him back to work, I was able to talk to Chris (our friend and Steve's co-worker) about photography and I realized that the time I spend on Digital Photography School, All Things Photography and different folks' blogs (namely Natalie Norton!) has been very much worth it! I didn't realize how much I've learned over the last few weeks, but one thing I did already know was how exciting the subject of photography is!!

The pool water was in better shape than we thought! The bad news is that its still C.O.L.D! It won't be long before we're a splishin' and a splashin'!

Here's a quick pic of Rambo and Commando at ball practice a few days ago... those kiddos are somethin' else! ;-) To be a kid again...
Ok, you photo-greats tell me what you think about this pic... I'm still a newbie, I need the help... no meanies, constructive criticism welcome!

See ya later!

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