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Uncontrollable Laughter

Don't you just LOVE to laugh... uncontrollably!!?!???! Oh, I do... if you know me at all, you know that I laugh at just about everything... even when folks would think I'm crazy or even inconsiderate... I promise you, I'm not inconsiderate, it probably just seems like it to them because they're just way to uptight... ;-)
So today I just have to share someone with you that graduated a year behind me, her dad has been my boss at one of my previous jobs and he's the administrator at my church... so needless to say, we go WAAAAAAAAY back... back to the day of nicknames like "Stuff-enie" and "Kar-an-ta-un"-- silly? yes, so high school, but so us back then-- anyway, you've gotta check out her blogspot. So here's where you get to see our humor... she wrote about her 2yr old being lost on the elevator at their condo and what did I do? I LAUGHED UNCONTROLLABLY!! You've gotta read the blog to find out why... and if you're a Mama or a Granmama, you'll laugh too... Daddies and Grandaddies may be too uptight for this one... consider yourself warned! Check it out here.
See ya next time! Hugs and giggles... KL ;-)

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