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Blake took this!

I'm completely blown away... you know I love photography, but to know that my kiddos are beginning to love it as much as I do is great! I needed a photo of myself for the website and also a reader profile over at A Little News, so I asked the boys to help me out... Trey took the one with me and my car reflectors (read the profile and you'll get it) and of course, Blake wanted to to what his big brother was getting to do... so we strapped the camera around his neck and told him to tell me what to do and he could take the pics... bless their hearts, I'm constantly telling them how to stand, smile, etc... so I figured it was my turn to do what they said for a change! Well, Trey decided that he was done and went to play with his friends, Blake wanted to keep snappin' so I let him! He let it go on continuous and took about 100 pics! I deleted out a few and kept the good ones... I think he did a great job, especially considering he's only SIX!! Well, let me know what you think!! Leave a comment below!
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  1. I totally LOVE this picture! ITs great and you can hardly see your ashy heels. HAHAH! I'm so totally kidding, made you look though.

  2. Hey Karen. Email me at kts0001@uah.edu with your email address so I can add you as an author on the "chub club" so you can write about whatever's going on.