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My new friend...

I have no idea what to write about tonight, besides the fact that I'm ready to head to bed and I can't for two reasons... 1. because my baby boy is laying asleep in my lap... and 2. because I'm glued to this computer because of blogs such as Jasmine Star and Live in the Name of Love and Natalie Norton... I love those girls...

The first reason is very peaceful and wonderful, because well... he's my velcro-baby. That's his nick-name from when he was a baby and toddler and he wanted to be on my hip 24/7. Something he still does to this day is rub the back of my arm when he's sleepy... Trey used to rub my earlobe... I guess every kid has something that sends them straight to sleepyland... I played with my hair, ok, I still do... ANYWHO... having him sleeping on my lap is so sweet.

The second reason... oh, well, those are my guilty pleasure everyday. Yes, everyday. Jasmine and Bianca are twin sisters... Jasmine is a ROCKIN' wedding photographer from California and Bianca is a public speaker... actually, a 'real' Christian woman that LOVES the Lord and is trying hard to make sure that the whole world hears about Him! Natalie is actually the first blogger that I ever followed... she is a FANTASTIC family photographer from Hawaii. I first blogged about Jasmine and Natalie here and I've been stalking, er... following them for over a year... A few months ago, I found Bianca on Jasmine's blog... she's now been added to my daily rotation! :-)

So, without further ado... I'd like to introduce my newest friend (can I still say that even though she doesn't know it? yes, I vote yes.) Ladies and gentlemen... please put your hands together and your mouse on this link to welcome... Bianca Juarez!

In The Name of Love from Bianca Juarez on Vimeo.

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